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How to use gawley in a sentence. Gawley pronunciation.

Here, Jim," he added to a small, wiry fellow not more than five feet four in height-"here, Jim Gawley, you're comin' wi' me, an' that's all o' you as can come.
He said something in an undertone to Tynemouth, and then, without a glance behind, strode away beside Brengyn and Jim Gawley to the pit's mouth.
Ian Stafford and Brengyn and Jim Gawley had conquered.
To the crowd, Brengyn, with gruff sincerity, said, loudly: "Jim Gawley, he done as I knowed he'd do.

Examples of Gawley

Example #1
But there's only one of you can go, and I'll pick him.
Example #2
Jim's got no missis, nor mother, and he's tough as leather and can squeeze in small places, and he's all right, too, in tight corners.
Example #3
Adrian Fellowes stepped up to Tynemouth.
Example #4
Stafford did not turn round.
Example #5
The limp bodies carried past Al'mah were not dead.
Example #6
A Welsh preaching hillman, carried away by the triumph of the moment, gave the great tragedy the bugle-note of human joy and pride.