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I had experienced something of them,-not at the sight of gay-dressed people, of wealth and idleness, pleasure and fashion, but when, at the doors of Parliament, men who have won noble names, and whose word had weight on the destinies of glorious England, brushed heedlessly by to their grand arena; or when, amidst the holiday crowd of ignoble pomp, I had heard the murmur of fame buzz and gather round some lordly laborer in art or letters: that contrast between glory so near and yet so far, and one's own obscurity, of course I had felt it,-who has not?
Far down the road a little cloud of dust has risen, and draws nearer and grows larger, and the pattering of many hoofs grows louder, and in and out between the scattered groups of drawn-up men, there pushes on its way a brilliant cavalcade of gay-dressed lords and knights.

Examples of Gay-dressed

Example #1
The emotion might not be amiable, nor the thoughts wise, yet were they unnatural?
Example #2
By one glimpse of that dark countenance, I read what was passing within the yetdarker heart.
Example #3
And front and rear, and either flank, there ride the yeomen of the Barons, and in the midst King John.
Example #4
This time the grip upon him has been one of iron, and he has slid and wriggled in vain.