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How to use gaze in a sentence. Gaze pronunciation.

I gaze, and gaze- I am frozen by a mass which supports me.
They also stand forth as a grand army of sentinels, who, with unobtrusive regularity, open their brilliant eyes on the great deep, night after night-from year to year-from age to age, and gaze- Argus-like-all around our shores, to guard our shipping from the dangers of the sea, perhaps I should rather say from the dangers of the coast, for it must be well-known to most people that the sailor regards "blue water" as his safe and native home, and that it is only when he enters the green and shallow waters of the coast that a measure of anxiety overclouds his free-and-easy spirit.
Before my eyes there swims a haze, Through mists departed comrades gaze- First to encourage, last that shall upbraid!

Examples of Gaze

Example #1
My elbow sinks into it.
Example #2
Water-blackened overcoats cover and clothe the whole earth around me.
Example #3
It is when he draws near to port that the chief dangers of his career surround him, and it is then that the lighthouse is watched for anxiously, and hailed with satisfaction.
Example #4
The lighthouses of this kingdom present, in their construction, a remarkable evidence of the capacity of man to overcome almost insurmountable difficulties, and his marvellous power of adapting means to ends.
Example #5
Thoughts knot with thoughts, and utterance check.
Example #6
The South would fain Feel peace, have quiet law again- Replant the trees for homestead-shade.