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How to use gazest in a sentence. Gazest pronunciation.

In whom, as in the splendour of the Sun, All shapes look glorious which thou gazest on!
Yet, lingering o'er thy charmed page, Where through the twilight air of earth, Alike enthusiast and sage, Prophet and bard, thou gazest forth, Lifting the Future's solemn veil; The reaching of a mortal hand To put aside the cold and pale Cloud-curtains of the Unseen Land; Shall these poor elements outlive The mind whose kingly will, they wrought?
Him lord Agamemnon saw and upbraided, and spake to him winged words, and said: "Ah me, thou son of wise Tydeus tamer of horses, why shrinkest thou, why gazest thou at the highways of the battle?

Examples of Gazest

Example #1
He died, and the world showed no outward sign.
Example #2
The weight of thought and feeling burdened him heavily; you read his sufferings in his attenuated frame, while you perceived the mastery he held over them in his animated countenance and brilliant eyes.
Example #3
Their gross unconsciousness survive Thy godlike energy of thought?
Example #4
With the bland beauty of their smile.
Example #5
Not thus was Tydeus wont to shrink, but rather to fight his enemies far in front of his dear comrades, as they say that beheld him at the task; for never did I meet him nor behold him, but men say that he was preeminent amid all.
Example #6
The son of Tydeus found he, high-hearted Diomedes, standing still with horses and chariot well compact; and by him stood Sthenelos son of Kapaneus.