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How to use gazeth in a sentence. Gazeth pronunciation.

Whoso entereth therein shall never abandon its precincts, and whoso gazeth thereon shall never turn away therefrom, even should the swords of infidels and deniers rain blows upon him.
As he that gazeth on the skies; My skill goes beyond the depth of a POND, Or RIVERS in the greatest rain, Thereby I can tell all things will be well When the King enjoys his own again.
As far as a man seeth with his eyes into the haze of distance as he sitteth on a place of outlook and gazeth over the wine-dark sea, so far leap the loudly neighing horses of the gods.
Doth not the face that gazeth on thine blench?
The wise are they that speak not unless they obtain a hearing, even as the cup-bearer, who proffereth not his cup till he findeth a seeker, and the lover who crieth not out from the depths of his heart until he gazeth upon the beauty of his beloved.

Examples of Gazeth

Example #1
Thus have We related unto you that which befell Ḥusayn, and We beseech God that He may destine for Us that which He had decreed for him.
Example #2
Thus do We expound unto you the mysteries of the Cause, and impart unto you what shall render you independent of all that hath so far occupied you, that perchance ye may enter the Court of Holiness within this exalted Paradise.
Example #3
There's neither SWALLOW, DOVE, nor DADE, Can soar more high, or deeper wade, Nor show a reason from the stars What causeth peace or civil wars; The Man in the Moon may wear out his shoon By running after Charles his wain: But all's to no end, for the times will not mend Till the King enjoys his own again.
Example #4
What BOOKER doth prognosticate Concerning kings' or kingdoms' fate?
Example #5
Now when they came to Troy and the two flowing rivers, even to where Simoeis and Skamandros join their streams, there the white-armed goddess Hera stayed her horses and loosed them from the car and poured thick mist round about them, and Simoeis made ambrosia spring up for them to graze.
Example #6
So spake he, and the white-armed goddess Hera disregarded not, and lashed her horses; they nothing loth flew on between earth and starry heaven.