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As to the sacred books of the Hindoos, all that are yet in our hands are the Bhagvat Geeta, the Ezour-Vedam, the Bagavadam, and certain fragments of the Chastres printed at the end of the Bhagvat Geeta.
M. Wilkins expressly mentions it in a note in the Bhagvat Geeta.
See the "Bhagvat Geeta," one of the religious books of Brahminism.

Examples of Geetum

Example #1
These books are in Indostan what the Old and New Testament are in Christendom, the Koran in Turkey, the Zadder and the Zendavesta among the Parses, etc.
Example #2
Scarcely even is the Asiatic Miscellany known in Europe; and a man must be very learned in oriental antiquity before he so much as hears of the Jones's, the Wilkins's, and the Halhed's, etc.
Example #3
All agree that Krisna, Fot, and Jesus have the same characteristic features: but religious prejudice has stood in the way of drawing from this circumstance the proper and natural inference.
Example #4
Our missionaries have long remarked a striking resemblance between those books and the gospels.
Example #5
A writer in Blackwood, in an article on the "Castes and Creeds of India," vol.
Example #6
Such was the origin of this famous dogma, recognized by all the heathens, and incorporated with all the sacred fables, cosmogonies, and mysteries of antiquity."-_The Religions of Profane Antiquity_, p. 186.