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How to use general in a sentence. General pronunciation.

Yes, it's all right, and that boy's comin' out of there without a scar on him, and I'll pay back the money that I owe the General-" He hastened out of the room, and we heard him yelling at his chickens.
The imperialists were eager to invest Belgrade; but their general- in-chief was ill; and for several days they had watched in vain to see the hangings of his tent drawn aside, and hear the welcome order to march.
The twice-defeated general- a courier brought the news-will arrive to-night.

Examples of General

Example #1
And a long time ago, when I used to drink licker and fight, you'd set up and wait for me and you never scolded me, and that very fact turned me agin licker, for I jest nachully thought that it was too much work for you to keep up a show of good humor all the time.
Example #2
Why, you've been the makin' of me.
Example #3
Finally a courier arrived from Vienna, and it was rumored that instructions had been received to advance.
Example #4
The Turks had pursued their usual mode of vengeful retreat, tracing their march with fire and blood, and, wheresoever they were forced to surrender, leaving to the victors naught but the smouldering ruins of the strongholds from which they had been driven.
Example #5
It is due to these men that Mark Antony still lives and did not come to a miserable end at the hands of his own troops.
Example #6
The veterans who opposed the treachery were hewn down by the wretch's orders, but the brave garrison of the city could not be won over to the monstrous crime.