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How to use genral in a sentence. Genral pronunciation.

It's the one great, gen'ral, an standin terror of this dangerous and iron-bound bay.
Shall be the gen'ral care, but mine in Chief, To whom dominion o'er the rest belongs.
And through his gen'rals wounds his own doome speakes, Weaving thus richly VALENTINIAN, The costliest monarch with the cheapest man.
Each face a gen'ral smiling doth adorne.
But the bold gen'ral, never lost, Hath won again her airy post; Who, wild in this affront, now fryes, Then gives a volley of her eyes.
Well, de gen'ral say to us-`Now, boys, we don't want firing, but just let de enemy feel de cold steel.
Gen'ral says, first go to Mackinaw and see wid own eye how garrison do-den go to Chicago, and tell warrior dere what happen, and how he best manage.
From gen'ral excrement- each thing's a thief.

Examples of Genral

Example #1
There's no jokin, no nonsense about Quaco Ledge; mind I tell you.
Example #2
I should rayther hope you had.
Example #3
Him answer'd, then, Ulysses ever-wise.
Example #4
Then let the guest, though anxious to depart, Wait till the morrow, that I may complete The whole donation.
Example #5
Twas thought the monster ror'd the sob'rer tone.
Example #6
Like holy flamens to their god of day) We bowing, sing; and whilst we praise, we pray.