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How to use gentian-blue in a sentence. Gentian-blue pronunciation.

One, and all but her waist was huge, wore a bodice of transparent gauze; another, also of middle years, had crowned her hard over-coloured face with a large gentian-blue hat turned up in front with a brass buckle.
When she brought Stormont his dinner he caught her eyes a moment - experienced a slight shock of pleasure at their intense blue - the gentian-blue of the summer zenith at midday.
He looked up into two gentian-blue eyes.
Slim and straight as a young boy in her grey shirt and breeches, Eve continued on lightly through the woods, her rifle over her shoulder, her eyes of gentian-blue always alert.

Examples of Gentian-blue

Example #1
Another was in pink silk and heavily powdered.
Example #2
There were only three or four really vulgar-looking women present, and they were clothed in conspicuous raiment.
Example #3
Lannis remained affable, even became jocose at moments: "No hootch for dinner, Mike?
Example #4
The girl's thick, lustrous hair was brownish gold, and so twisted up that it revealed her ears and a very white neck.
Example #5
But talk is the tune the orchestra plays before the curtain rises.
Example #6
The show-down is what we pay to see.