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Definition of Gentlemanlike

  • Of, pertaining to, resembling, or becoming, a gentleman; befitting a man of good breeding; well-behaved; courteous; polite; as, gentlemanly behavior.

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The Town of Adelaide, as depicted on the maps, is the very beau ideal of all possible cities-there is an elegance and vastness of design about it, that almost makes one blush for the comparative insignificance of London and Stromboul; of Paris and Canton;-but on going to the spot, like many other works of art and imagination, it resembles the picture very slightly-it is altogether on too large a scale; and of all the follies committed by the inexperience of the surveyor-general, who is, nevertheless, in every other respect a most gentlemanlike, entertaining, and intelligent person, next to its inland situation, this monstrous extent of Adelaide will turn out to be the most fruitful of complaints.
In [the] middle of [the] day, Wood received a letter from Captain Fitz-Roy, which I must say was MOST straightforward and GENTLEMANLIKE, but so much against my going, that I immediately gave up the scheme; and Henslow did the same, saying that he thought Peacock had acted VERY WRONG in misrepresenting things so much.
I will tell her, sir, that you do protest, which, as I take it, is a gentlemanlike offer.
The house was gone; a great part of the wood was felled; and instead of the gentlemanlike mansion, shrouded and embosomed among its old hereditary trees, stood Castle Treddles, a huge lumping four-square pile of freestone, as bare as my nail, except for a paltry edging of decayed and lingering exotics, with an impoverished lawn stretched before it, which, instead of boasting deep green tapestry, enamelled with daisies and with crowsfoot and cowslips, showed an extent of nakedness, raked, indeed, and levelled, but where the sown grasses had failed with drought, and the earth, retaining its natural complexion, seemed nearly as brown and bare as when it was newly dug up.
Some dozen young men and women, sons and daughters of the wealthier coasting captains and owners of fishing-smacks, chaperoned by our old landlord, whose delicate and gentlemanlike features and figure were strangely at variance with the history of his life,-daring smuggler, daring man-of-war sailor, and then most daring and successful of coastguard-men.
He is a tall gentlemanlike looking man, with spectacles, and rather deaf.
His fellow-servants, who, during the colloquy, had looked on with gentlemanlike imperturbability, made a simultaneous step forward.
Mr. Palmer had this virtue, and this very gentlemanlike way-that he always gave his wife as full an answer as he would another lady.
The story of Handel's composing always in full dress conveys at least the useful lesson of a gentlemanlike deference for the art a man professes and for the public whose attention he claims.
A laugh frigidly jeering; a look lazily mutinous; gentlemanlike irony, patrician resentment.
Nothing could be more smooth, gentlemanlike, and even friendly, than his demeanour to me.
I suspected a degree of laxity in his code of morals, there was something so cold and BLASE in his tone whenever he alluded to what he called "le beau sexe;" but he was too gentlemanlike to intrude topics I did not invite, and as he was really intelligent and really fond of intellectual subjects of discourse, he and I always found enough to talk about, without seeking themes in the mire.
He took it in that calm and gentlemanlike fashion, but he didn't know his company, or their ideas of proper behaviour; and he didn't know the power her uncle had got over Christie, or the savage nature of the man, that would stick at nothing if crossed.
It is enough to inspire me with a touch of manhood; and when I see such people as that stately Anglo-Belgian-that Gérard Moore-before me, gravely talking to me of business, really I feel quite gentlemanlike.
He did not want for abilities; had the best temper in the world; was well bred and gentlemanlike always; and was gay even after Moscow.
However threadbare in his garments, poor in purse, and eccentric in morals our friend was, his manners were always perfectly gentlemanlike, and he draped himself in his poverty with the grace of a Spanish grandee.
He is very good-natured, frank, honest, and gentlemanlike, Mr. Hoby.
He forgot all respect and even gentlemanlike behaviour.
In this manner we conversed; and as he was of the most obliging, gentlemanlike behaviour, so he was, if I may be allowed to say so, a man of good sense, and, as I believe, of great learning.
Ladies and gentlemen are not amusing; the more ladylike or gentlemanlike they are, the more insipid I find them.

Examples of Gentlemanlike

Example #1
You may lean against any tree in the City and exclaim, "This shadowy desert, unfrequented woods, I better brook than flourishing peopled towns.
Example #2
They saw that the gentlemen at table were a very nice set of fellows, and as they had evidently had to rough it, much more formerly, than was necessary at the present day, they should make up their minds to think well of everything-to look only at the advantages of the Colony-and in their letters to any London friends, they were resolved decidedly to recommend the place-but not a word about the mud.
Example #3
I scarcely thought of going to town, but here I am; and now for more details, and much more promising ones.
Example #4
The last letter was written in the morning.
Example #5
Thou dost not mark me.
Example #6
What wilt thou tell her, nurse?