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Definition of Genu

  • The knee.
  • The kneelike bend, in the anterior part of the callosum of the brain.
  • hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella

How to use genu in a sentence. Genu pronunciation.

The better a genus is fitted for variability in the conformation of its individuals, the higher is the rank it is entitled to hold in the graduated series of creatures capable of development; and it is precisely that wonderful many-sidedness of his inner life, and of its outward manifestation, which assigns to man his superiority over all other animated beings.
We also see in the vegetable kingdom that the original species of the genus do not change and alter, but the form, color, and bulk will change and alter, or even progress.
For the conventional man of the lapidary phrase and the pious memoir (corrected by the maiden sister and the family divine), Borrow dared to substitute the _genus homo_ of natural history.
Apparently it is a fixed-idea of yours that the Bibliopolic Genus shall not cheat me; and you are decided to make it good.
But, being in a reading mood after those furious _Pamphlets_ (which have procured me showers of abuse from all the extensive genus Stupid in this country, and not done me any other mischief, but perhaps good), and not being capable of reading except in a train and _about_ some object of interest to me,-I took to reading, near a year ago, about Frederick, as I had twice in my life done before; and have, in a loose way, tumbled up an immense quantity of shot rubbish on that field, and still continue.
He has a _character_, that is, a tendency or determination to this quality or that, in excess; whereas a nature truly divine must be _in equilibrio_ as to all qualities, and comprehend them all, in the way that a _genus_ comprehends the subordinate _species_.
In the use and acceptation of the Apocalypse, it is evidently this, viz., the duration or cycle of existence which belongs to any object, not individually for itself, but universally in right of its genus.
Its cephalic, or head, eyes are like those of other mollusks of its genus, and are not worthy of special mention, but its dorsal eyes, sometimes several dozen in number, are truly remarkable.
Seeing that Will's experiment as described by him was incomplete, I took a pair of beetles belonging to the same family (genus _Prionus_), and determined the true location of their ears by a system of rigid exclusion.
These two birds, so widely dissimilar as to genus and species, were always together.
They run in and out among the ants, keeping their antennæ in a perpetual state of vibration."[69] I have frequently noticed an insect belonging to the same genus as the above in the nests of _F. fusca_ and _F. rufescens_.
No father of the genus Homo could more plainly evince his pride in his baby than did this cat in his kittens.
So we come to admire him as a rare specimen of the _genus homo_, who had among other faculties that of writing English; and at last we have him armed with a pen that is mightier than a sword, but with a sword as well, and what he writes acquires a mythical value.
Vision and symbolical action are not opposed to each other; the former is only the _genus_ comprehending the latter as a _species_.
The prophet, in order to intimate that he announces the cessation of the festival days as days of gladness, premises "all her mirth," to which all that follows stands in the relation of _species_ to _genus_. משוש does not here denote "joyful time:" it might, indeed, according to its formation, have this signification: but it is never found with it.
The words, "all her festival time," comprehend the single _species_ in the designation of the _genus_. That מועד properly signifies "appointed time," then, more specially, "festival time," "feast," appears from Lev.
That the _feasts_ are not a single species co-ordinate with the new-moons and Sabbaths, but the genus, appears from the fact that in Lev.
The prophet was, in the first instance, concerned more about the _genus_ than the _individual_,-more about the idea of dominion in general, than about the mode and kind of it.
He has a very passion for classifying and drawing plans; if he has once dissected a genus into different species, we get all the species named to us one by one every time he has occasion to mention the genus.
The facts thus far reported imply the suggestion that heredity of the genus is determined by the proteins of a definite constitution differing from the proteins of other genera.

Examples of Genu

Example #1
Some few of our qualities and activities can be fitly symbolized in allegorical fashion by animals; thus, courage finds an emblem in the lion, gentleness in the dove, but the perfect human form has satisfied a thousand generations, and will satisfy a thousand more, when we desire to reduce the divinity to a sensible image, for, in truth, our heart is as surely capable of comprehending "God in us,"-that is in our feelings- as our intellect is capable of comprehending His outward manifestation in the universe.
Example #2
The path of every star is fixed and limited, every plant bears flowers and fruit which in form and color exactly resemble their kind, and in all the fundamental characteristics of their qualities and dispositions, of their instinctive bent and external impulse, all animals of the same species resemble each other; thus, the hunter who knows the red-deer in his father's forest, may know in every forest on earth how the stag will behave in any given case.
Example #3
We will state it more clearly: let us suppose that there was a time when man walked on his hands and feet, or had a tail; this change and alteration is like that of the fœtus in the womb of the mother; although it changes in all ways, and grows and develops until it reaches the perfect form, from the beginning it is a special species.
Example #4
To recapitulate: as man in the womb of the mother passes from form to form, from shape to shape, changes and develops, and is still the human species from the beginning of the embryonic period—in the same way man, from the beginning of his existence in the matrix of the world, is also a distinct species, that is, man, and has gradually evolved from one form to another.
Example #5
Perhaps it was only to be expected that, like the discoveries of another Du Chaillu, his revelations should be received with a howl of incredulity.
Example #6
Borrow had broken through the tameness of the regulation literary memoir, and had shown the naked footprint on the sand.