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Moreri, Buchanan, and other Scotch historians, are of this opinion, and for proof cite his epitaph: Scotia me genuit, Anglia suscepit, Gallia edocuit, Germania tenet.
When his monument is erected in the cathedral which was built by his hated rival, the epitaph which he composed for himself may well be inscribed upon it - Cambria Giraldus genuit, sic Cambria mentem Erudiit, cineres cui lapis iste tegit.
Cum queis preterita coenavit nocte, nec illos Quos genuit, quos ecluxit.

Examples of Genuit

Example #1
Northumberland: the Scots alledge he was born at Duns, in the Mers, the neighbouring county to Northumberland, and hence was called Dunscotus.
Example #2
He died at Cologne, Novem. 8.
Example #3
And by that time perhaps some competent scholar will have translated some at least of Gerald's works into the language best understood by the people of Wales.
Example #4
In 1889 Dr. Henry Owen published, "at his own proper charges," the first adequate account by a Welshman of the life and labours of Giraldus Cambrensis.
Example #5
Isna that a queer dream for a daft auld carline?
Example #6
I could amaist think whiles my son, or else Steenie, my oe, was dead, and that I had seen the burial.