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Definition of Geodetic

  • Of or pertaining to geodesy; obtained or determined by the operations of geodesy; engaged in geodesy; geodesic; as, geodetic surveying; geodetic observers.
  • of or relating to or determined by geodesy

How to use geodetic in a sentence. Geodetic pronunciation.

These latter were a dedicated group, high in morale, enthusiastic about their work which evidently involved the combined duties of a Navy, a Coast Guard, and a Coast and Geodetic Survey system, if we use the ocean going services of an earlier age for analogy.
The work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey was during the last fiscal year carried on within the boundaries and off the coasts of thirty-two States, two Territories, and the District of Columbia.
I led a party up the mountain for the purpose of making a survey of the summit with reference to the location of the Geodetic monument.

Examples of Geodetic

Example #1
They all had the dream.
Example #2
He also spent considerable time playing Battle Chess or talking with Tog and with the ship’s officers.
Example #3
In July last certain irregularities were found to exist in the management of this Bureau, which led to a prompt investigation of its methods.
Example #4
The cost of its maintenance during the year was $828,474.43.
Example #5
On the 30th, accompanied by Jerome Fay, I made another ascent to make some barometrical observations, the day intervening between the two ascents being devoted to establishing a camp on the extreme edge of the timberline.
Example #6
Here, on our red trachyte bed, we obtained two hours of shallow sleep broken for occasional glimpses of the keen, starry night.