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Definition of Geotropism

  • A disposition to turn or incline towards the earth; the influence of gravity in determining the direction of growth of an organ.
  • an orienting response to gravity

How to use geotropism in a sentence. Geotropism pronunciation.

They give the quintessence of laboratory experiments as to what are the effects of different energies such as light (heliotropism), electricity (galvanotropism), gravity (geotropism), etc.
Thus I am now observing something about geotropism, and I had no idea a few weeks ago that this would have been necessary.
The case, however, of radicles bending after exposure for an hour to geotropism, with their tips (or brains) cut off is, I think, worth your reading (bottom of page 525); it astounded me.

Examples of Geotropism

Example #1
They are, if I may say so, a “mathematical biology”—the survey of a life long study of “tropisms,” which is the name given to express “forced movements” in organisms.
Example #2
I will quote here only a very few passages, but these books are of such importance that every mathematician and engineer should read them.
Example #3
In a short time we might earnestly wish for a centrifugal apparatus or a heliostat.
Example #4
It is impossible for me to predict whether or not we should ever want this or that instrument, for we are guided in our work by what turns up.
Example #5
The next most remarkable fact, as it appeared to me (page 148), is the discrimination of the tip of the radicle between a slightly harder and softer object affixed on opposite sides of tip.
Example #6
Read the last chapter, and you will know the whole result, but without the evidence.