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But, alas! another difficulty remained, far greater than any connected with German-a difficulty connected with the language of the publisher-the language which the great man employed in his writings was very hard to understand; I say in his writings-for his colloquial English was plain enough.
She was German-a German spy.
What of a German-a foreigner in Turkey, who instigates the murder-and the robbery-and the burning-and the butchery-for his own ends, or for his bloody country's ends?

Examples of German-a

Example #1
Though not professing to be a scholar, he was much addicted, when writing, to the use of Greek and Latin terms, not as other people used them, but in a manner of his own, which set the authority of dictionaries at defiance; the consequence was that I was sometimes utterly at a loss to understand the meaning of the publisher.
Example #2
I was a tolerable German scholar, it is true, and I had long been able to translate from German into English with considerable facility; but to translate from a foreign language into your own is a widely different thing from translating from your own into a foreign language; and, in my first attempt to render the publisher into German, I was conscious of making miserable failures, from pure ignorance of German grammar; however, by the assistance of grammars and dictionaries, and by extreme perseverance, I at length overcame all the difficulties connected with the German language.
Example #3
He hated her and desired only to compass her destruction; but he would choose the manner so that it would work most grievously against the enemy cause.
Example #4
It was superficial-it did not color her soul which must be black as sin.
Example #5
This man is an instigator!
Example #6
Then Kagig turned on us, motioning with his toe toward Hans von Quedlinburg, who continued to treat himself extravagantly from our jar of ointment.