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Maximilian himself and his knights, so quaintly delineated by Hans Burgmair, might rise from their graves, and enter their old quarters as if they had but left them yesterday, so unchanged is the aspect of the picturesque old castle which crowns the rock, and was erst the proud home of Germany’s proudest rulers.
Brother, I am charged by the Guardian to thank you for your letter of Jan. 30th as well as for the enclosed pamphlet containing the address delivered by Herr Hitler on Oct. 14th, 1933, on the subject of Germany’s attitude towards peace, all of which he read with deepest care and sustained interest.
He has also been very pleased during the past year to see from the press clipping book he received, how much publicity the Faith has received free of charge, not only in the press but generally in some of Germany’s best-known newspapers.

Examples of Germany

Example #1
But why dwell on the past glories of the warlike great?
Example #2
The entire place is full of antique memories; it has no sympathy with modern life; and you stand in its quiet crumbling walls, and expect, if the silence be broken at all, it will be by the heavy tread and clanking echo of a mail-clad knight.
Example #3
He wishes me to convey to you and to all the members of your German National Assembly and through them to all the followers of the Faith in Germany his views on the present conditions in that land, and particularly in their relation to the nature and scope of the Bahá’í activities of our German believers.
Example #4
At the outset it should be made indubitably clear that the Bahá’í Cause being essentially a religious movement of a spiritual character stands above every political party or group, and thus cannot and should not act in contravention to the principles, laws, and doctrines of any government.
Example #5
Were it not for the violent opposition met with in connection with the purchase of the Temple land, this would not have been possible, and the friends can clearly see that our activities, when we carry them on persistently and energetically, arouse opposition, which has an extremely salutary effect.
Example #6
Therefore your Assembly should encourage itinerant teachers or teaching trips by any of the friends who are able to offer a certain amount of time to such activities.