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But when a Southerner of genius writes modern English, his book goes upon crutches no longer, but upon wings; and they carry it swiftly all about America and England, and through the great English reprint publishing houses of Germany-as witness the experience of Mr. Cable and Uncle Remus, two of the very few Southern authors who do not write in the Southern style.
This consisted of a letter from an intimate friend who was living in Germany-a friend whose name was Gordon Wright.
How glorious a man could appear apparelled to represent majesty and dominion, may be learned by studying Canon Rock's book on the coronation dresses of the Emperors of Germany-a book great in every sense of the word.
Sweden, Denmark, the Hanse Towns, were in harmony with France, Holland, Savoy, and the whole Protestant force of Germany-a majority both in population and resources of the whole empire.

Examples of Germany-a

Example #1
Instead of three or four widely-known literary names, the South ought to have a dozen or two-and will have them when Sir Walter's time is out.
Example #2
There is as much literary talent in the South, now, as ever there was, of course; but its work can gain but slight currency under present conditions; the authors write for the past, not the present; they use obsolete forms, and a dead language.
Example #3
He had been spending the winter in Dresden, but his letter bore the date of Baden-Baden.
Example #4
His enjoyment of Venice was extreme, but he was roused from it by a summons he was indisposed to resist.
Example #5
The portrait of Charles V. robed and crowned is a dazzling example of the arts of dress, embroidery, and jeweller's work.
Example #6
This is only a barbarous illustration of the fact that in the earliest civilizations magnificent garments were worn by men to dazzle and awe the beholders by the splendour which represented wealth and conquest.