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The great Northwest now is being filled with Scandinavian farmers, with persons from every part of Germany-in fact from all foreign countries-and every year they are adding millions of acres to the plowed fields of the Republic.
For example, it will be necessary that du Guenic be taken away by his wife for at least two years; she must show him Switzerland, Italy, Germany,-in short, all possible countries.
And Belleisle and France having gone into an Anti-Pragmatic War, the unlucky George and his England were dragged into a Pragmatic one,-quitting their own business, on the Spanish Main, and hurrying to Germany,-in terror as at Doomsday, and zeal to save the Keystone of Nature these.

Examples of Germany-in

Example #1
This land hunger, this desire to own a home, to have a field, to have flocks and herds, to sit under your own vine and fig tree, will prevent foreign immigration from interfering to any hurtful degree with the skilled workmen of America.
Example #2
The moment they arrive the mass of them seek the West, where land can be obtained.
Example #3
I merely mean that you must follow my advice.
Example #4
Maxime and d'Ajuda could not refrain from smiling at the idea of this agreement between heaven and hell. "To prevent Madame de Rochefide from ever seeing Calyste again," she continued, "we will all travel, Juste and his wife, Calyste, Sabine, and I.
Example #5
That is the notable point in regard to this War: That France is to be called the author of it, who, alone of all the parties, had no business there whatever.
Example #6
Their own windy vanities, ambitions, sanctioned not by fact and the Almighty Powers, but by phantasm and the babble of Versailles; transcendent self-conceit, intrinsically insane; pretensions over their fellow-creatures which were without basis anywhere in Nature, except in the French brain alone: it was this that brought Belleisle and France into a German War.