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Definition of Gesticulatory

  • Representing by, or belonging to, gestures.

How to use gesticulatory in a sentence. Gesticulatory pronunciation.

There were vast surging crowds in the Rue de Rivoli, and much bunting, and soldiers and gesticulatory policemen.
An Italian in our compartment would talk, however, and he would keep the topic down to red trousers, and to the red trousers of a French Territorial opposite, with an index finger when his gesticulatory knowledge of the French language, which was excellent, came to the rescue of his verbal knowledge, which was poor.
Don Hermoso, who, despite all Jack's assurances, felt terribly anxious lest, after all, something should at the last moment go wrong, looked fearfully at the little craft's stern, expecting every instant to see the foaming whirl of water there which would proclaim that the boat's propeller was working; but, save for a very slight momentary disturbance of the scummy surface, there was no result, and presently a very excited individual was seen to emerge from the boat's engine-room hatch and rush up on to the bridge, where he instantly plunged into a violently gesticulatory conversation with the other occupant of the structure.

Examples of Gesticulatory

Example #1
The general effect of the street was that all things were brightly waving in the breeze.
Example #2
She tracked him as far as the Rue de Rivoli, and then lost him.
Example #3
The Frenchman agreed that red trousers were a mistake, but pointed to the blue covering which he had for his cap-which made it all right.
Example #4
England had not realized yet that her fate was with the soldiers of France, or France that her fate and all the world's was with the British fleet.
Example #5
Then the pair left the bridge, hurried aft, and disappeared below.
Example #6
The anchor, thickly coated with foul, evil-smelling, black mud, rose slowly out of the water; and as the cleansing hose was turned upon it the officer on the bridge was seen to lay his hand upon the engine-room telegraph and push the handle a little way forward.