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Definition of Ghazi

  • Among Mohammedans, a warrior champion or veteran, esp. in the destruction of infidels.

How to use ghazi in a sentence. Ghazi pronunciation.

The authorities of the city made their submission, as the column approached it, and the army settled down to quiet occupation; broken only by isolated attacks, upon individual soldiers, by fanatical Ghazis.
Upon the left flank, too, the Ghazis swept round in the rear of our infantry line and, for a time, it seemed as if the whole British formation was broken up-in which case the numbers of their foes must have prevailed.
Desperate was the hand-to-hand fighting, and valor more conspicuous than that of the Ghazis was never shown.
Desperately the Ghazis strove to capture the guns; which were firing case and shrapnel into them, at a distance of thirty yards, mowing them down in hundreds.
At last, however, the Ghazis fell back from the terrible fire.
On the 23rd of April, a force under Brigadier General Palliser advanced against a large body of natives, who had assembled near the village of Ghalez-again led by the Ghazis.
The only circumstances which occurred to mar the pleasing time were isolated attacks, upon British officers and men, by Ghazis.
Another of the Ghazis raised his sword; but before it could fall Will Gale-who saw at once that he was too far behind to interpose between the assailant and the victim-drew his revolver from his belt and, taking a hasty aim, fired.
He fell forward on the colonel; receiving, as he did so, a tremendous blow which the third Ghazi was aiming at the prostrate man.
At this moment some soldiers of the 66th ran up; and one of them, with his bayonet-which, since these attacks began, were always carried at the belt-brought the conflict to a conclusion, by running it through and through the Ghazi's body.
Colonel Ripon had already freed himself from the body of the dead Ghazi, and had struggled to his feet; the blood streaming from his head and arm.
The news of Ayoub's advance greatly excited the population-who had been further worked up by agents, widely distributed through the country; and by the exhortations of the Mollahs and Ghazis.
We should make precious short work of any Ghazis who were to run amuck among us.
What was the total strength of Ayoub's army was never exactly known-as it was swollen by enormous numbers of Ghazis, and tribesmen from the villages.
From the ravines on either side the Ghazis swarmed up, in vast numbers.
The companies of Jacob's Rifles on the left; after resisting, for some time, the furious attacks of the Ghazis, began to waver.
The Ghazis swept down upon them; and the Rifles broke in confusion, and rushed among the Bombay Grenadiers who-hitherto fighting steadily-also fell into confusion, as the Rifles and Ghazis burst into their ranks.
The artillery fired, until the Ghazis were within a few yards of them; then they hastily limbered up, and fell back.
But the Ghazis were too close at hand, and two of the guns were lost.
The contrast between the two was strongly shown, in the conduct of the Sikh and Ghoorka regiments with General Stewart, when attacked by the sudden rush of the Ghazis, at Ahmed Khil; and that of the Bombay Grenadiers and Jacob's Foot, under precisely similar circumstances at Maiwand.

Examples of Ghazi

Example #1
When peace was concluded, one of the conditions distinctly insisted upon by the British general, and agreed to by the Ameer, was that Candahar should remain in our possession.
Example #2
The country around is extremely fertile and, were irrigation properly used, and a railway constructed to India, Candahar and the surrounding country would again become one of the gardens of the world.
Example #3
Colonel Lister, V.C. however-who commanded the 3rd Ghoorkas-threw his men rapidly into company squares, and poured a tremendous fire into the fanatics.
Example #4
The ammunition mules were stampeded, riderless horses dashed hither and thither and, close behind the cavalry, the Ghazis-with a furious rush-dashed in among the broken infantry.
Example #5
Furiously they threw themselves upon the line of their opponents; clutching their muskets and trying to wrench them from their hands, while they strove to cut down their holders.
Example #6
All along the line the attack raged; and so hurriedly had the battle commenced that many of the men had not even fixed bayonets.