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How to use gheet in a sentence. Gheet pronunciation.

En dat de menestrelen die roemzucht trachtten te bevredigen, vernemen wij eveneens uit zijne woorden: ... der idelre gloriën cleet, Daer menestraudië met omme gheet[4].
Chese of gheet; Oefs de gelynes, dauwe, Egges of hennes, of ghees, Oefs dannettes.
On Whit Sunday, the famous 23rd of May, 1706, my young lord first came under the fire of the enemy, whom we found posted in order of battle, their lines extending three miles or more, over the high ground behind the little Gheet river, and having on his left the little village of Anderkirk or Autre-église, and on his right Ramillies, which has given its name to one of the most brilliant and disastrous days of battle that history ever hath recorded.

Examples of Gheet

Example #1
Spieghel Historiael_ laat hij nog eens een waarschuwing hooren tegen de "smekende" (vleiende) menestrele[5].
Example #2
Niet alleen om hun heer den tijd te korten, dienden hem de menestrelen; zij waren er ook op uit, zijne roemzucht door hun loftuitingen te prikkelen, in de hoop op geschenken zijnerzijds.
Example #3
And that wherof is made.
Example #4
Et ce quon en fait.
Example #5
Our duke here once more met his old enemy of Blenheim, the Bavarian Elector and the Mareschal Villeroy, over whom the Prince of Savoy had gained the famous victory of Chiari.
Example #6
What Englishman or Frenchman doth not know the issue of that day?