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How to use ghose in a sentence. Ghose pronunciation.

Dey mout be ghos'es en den ag'in dey moutent.
Pulin examined the document, which turned out to be an order on the Standard Bank to pay Tarak Ghose & Co. Rs.
It was made up of many fragments of paper, carefully pasted on a sheet of foolscap, and bore the words, "Tarak Ghose & Co., two hundred rupees, 200," repeated at least twenty times.
And one day when he found a weaver-bird's nest in a bush with three white eggs in it, a splendid nest, stock-full of the fireflies that light the little hen at night, he showed it privately first to Hurry Ghose, and then to Sumpsi Din, and lastly to Budhoo, the sweeper's son; and not one of them could he coax to carry off a single egg in company with him.
Lots of folks tell about seein' ghos'es, but ah nevah feared 'em.

Examples of Ghose

Example #1
An apparently irrelevant inquiry, suddenly put, is sometimes confusing, and I fear I did not succeed in convincing Mingo of my unbelief.
Example #2
Fus' hit soun' way off yander.
Example #3
Without wishing him good morning, as usual, Mr. Henderson handed him a cheque and asked sternly whether he had filled it up.
Example #4
The moment he entered the manager's sanctum he saw that something unpleasant had occurred.
Example #5
Below was "A.G. Henderson," also multiplied many-fold.
Example #6
All eyes were now bent on the incriminating document.