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How to use gianapoli in a sentence. Gianapoli pronunciation.

He received a card instructing him to call at the office in order to meet a certain Mr. Gianapolis.
He found Mr. Gianapolis to be a little and very swarthy man, who held his head so low as to convey the impression of having a pronounced stoop; a man whose well-cut clothes and immaculate linen could not redeem his appearance from a constitutional dirtiness.
Mr. Gianapolis had the suave speech and smiling manner.
Soames, hastily finishing his cocktail, sought for words; but Gianapolis, finishing his own, blandly ordered two more, and, tapping Soames upon the knee, continued: "Then that matter of the petty cash, and those trifling irregularities in the wine-bill, you remember?-when you were with Colonel Hewett in Nice?
Mr. Gianapolis, in true sporting fashion, kept pace with him and repeated the order.
He departed well satisfied with his affairs, and with the promise of the future, over which Mr. Gianapolis, the cherubic, radiantly presided.
This was comforting, in its degree; since it proved that the smiling Gianapolis had in no way misled him (Soames).
Is that Mr. Gianapolis speaking?
Truly, he was fortunate in having met the generous Gianapolis....
And these were but a few of the golden apples which Mr. Soames permitted to slip through his fingers, so steadfast was he in his belief that Gianapolis would be as good as his word, and make his fortune.
Mr. Soames perceived more and more clearly that the mild deception projected was unlikely to be discovered by its victim; and, at the appointed time, he hastened to the corner of Victoria Street, to his appointment with Gianapolis.
The saloon bar of the Red Lion was affably proposed by Mr. Gianapolis as a suitable spot to discuss the business.
However, since Gianapolis affected to treat their negotiations in the light of perfectly legitimate business, he put up no protest, and presently found himself seated in a very cozy corner of the saloon bar, with a glass of whisky-and-soda on a little table before him, bubbling in a manner which rendered it an agreeable and refreshing sight in the eyes of Mr. Soames.
Now," continued Gianapolis, "here is a quarter's salary in advance.
Here on this page of my notebook I have written: 'Received from Mr. King for service rendered, 26 pounds, being payment, in advance, of amount due on 31st October 19-' I have attached a stamp to the page, as you will see," continued Gianapolis, "and here is a fountain-pen.
Soames complied with willing alacrity; and Gianapolis having carefully blotted the signature, replaced the notebook in his pocket, and politely acknowledged the return of the fountain-pen.
Missing silver spoons and cooked petty cash were trivialities usually expiable at the price of a boot-assisted dismissal; but this-! "You understand?" Gianapolis was not smiling, now.
Thus it came about that, on the following morning, Leroux called him into the study and gave him just such instructions as Gianapolis had outlined the evening before.
Then came her departure, attended by a certain bustle, an appointment with Mr. Gianapolis; and the delivery of the parcel into that gentleman's keeping.
East 18642 was much in demand that week; and there were numerous meetings between Soames and Gianapolis at the corner of Victoria Street, and numerous whiskies-and-sodas in the Red Lion; for Gianapolis persisted in his patronage of that establishment, apparently for no other reason than because it was dangerously near to Scotland Yard, and an occasional house of call for members of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Examples of Gianapoli

Example #1
Quitting his rooms in Kennington, Mr. Soames, attired in discreet black, set out to make the acquaintance of his hypothetical employer.
Example #2
Such an opening occurred very shortly after his first visit to the agent.
Example #3
A jet black mustache, small, aquiline features, an engaging smile, and very dark brown eyes, viciously crossed, made up a personality incongruous with his sheltering silk hat, and calling aloud for a tarboosh and a linen suit, a shop in a bazaar, or a part in the campaign of commercial brigandage which, based in the Levant, spreads its ramifications throughout the Orient, Near and Far.
Example #4
He greeted Soames not as one greets a prospective servant, but as one welcomes an esteemed acquaintance.