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How to use gill-net in a sentence. Gill-net pronunciation.

Meanwhile very few salmon reach the spawning grounds, and probably four years hence the fisheries will amount to nothing; and this comes from a struggle between the associated, or gill-net, fishermen on the one hand, and the owners of the fishing wheels up the river.
The net used is what is known as a gill-net.
When a large fish is meshed in a gill-net, the floats by their agitation advertise the fact.

Examples of Gill-net

Example #1
The fisheries of the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the Potomac are also in a bad way.
Example #2
At the moment the fishing on the Oregon side is practically closed, while there is no limit on the Washington side of any kind, and no one can tell what the courts will decide as to the very statutes under which this action and non-action result.
Example #3
It has a simple diamond- shaped mesh which measures at least seven and one-half inches between the knots.
Example #4
But first let me describe the method by which they worked.
Example #5
And they evidently advertised it to Demetrios, for he pulled in about a dozen feet of net, and held aloft for a moment, before he flung it into the bottom of the boat, a big, glistening salmon.
Example #6
In the meantime, the man in question was lolling in the stern of his boat and watching the net floats.