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The artist was removing garish tiger skin furs from the shoulders of the girl-for the new arrival was a girl, a Eurasian girl.
Tom had often caught glimpses of this little girl,-for she was one of those busy, tripping creatures, that can be no more contained in one place than a sunbeam or a summer breeze,-nor was she one that, once seen, could be easily forgotten.
How the girl-for whom I would have given my life-the porter's daughter, laughed when I, dressed up in motley, hopped panting in front of the chariot and the young lord's whip whistled in my ears wringing the sweat from my brow, and the blood from my broken heart.
Then the girl-for she was little more than a girl-hesitated for a moment.

Examples of Girl-for

Example #1
She wore a tiger skin motor-coat, and a little, close-fitting, turban-like cap of the same.
Example #2
Something magnetic in the personality of the newcomer drew all eyes from the canvas to the figure on the threshold.
Example #3
Her form was the perfection of childish beauty, without its usual chubbiness and squareness of outline.
Example #4
He had with him a daughter between five and six years of age, together with a lady who seemed to claim relationship to both, and to have the little one especially under her charge.
Example #5
Then Mena's father died, the boy, went to school, and I waited on the wife of his steward, whom Katuti banished to Hermonthis.
Example #6
I was given as a plaything to the young Mena, and he harnessed me to his little chariot, and dressed me out with ribbons and feathers, and flogged me when I did not go fast enough.