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How to use girl-if in a sentence. Girl-if pronunciation.

And there would be one chance in a thousand of seeing the girl-if Obadiah had spoken the truth.
Hark you here, my girl-if 'twasn't hay time you should bundle up your rags and off with you this minute.
I will admit that a man's life may be made or marred by his taking to himself a wife; and if Miss Brookes were a really nice girl-if she were the one girl in a million, and if I were sure that your passion for each other has its root in deeper and more lasting sympathies than those of the skin (these were his exact words)-believe me, my dear Frank, I should not think of opposing the marriage.

Examples of Girl-if

Example #1
As he passed down he met men and boys coming up the slope and others moving along at the bottom of it, all going toward the interior of the island.
Example #2
He would find Strang there.
Example #3
But as 'tis awkward being short of a pair of hands just now, you'll bide a week or two and then you'll get outside of my door with no more character to you nor what I took you with. THOMAS.
Example #4
Dear Maggie, 'tis only what you did tell about poor mother's tongue being in the vinegar jar. MAGGIE.
Example #5
I shall be in London during the season, and no doubt an occasion will arise, of which I promise you to avail myself, of making this model young lady's acquaintance.
Example #6
I admit such cases may occur.