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How to use girl-to in a sentence. Girl-to pronunciation.

It's to save a girl-to give her lover, who is my friend, a chance to escape with her.
Master Bertram Mortimer, having reached the ripe age of nine years, had come to the conclusion that it was _muffish_-like a _cad_, like a girl-to cry.
In a word, I don't believe that wide Scotland could boast of a prettier girl-to say nothing of merry England and the Isle of Saints.
I am going to pay for a girl-to do the work I've done.
He had remembered every word the geologist had ever said, for he loved the man, but it had remained for a strange girl-a girl-to revive them, to give them actual life and plant within him a sudden resolve to learn for himself what it all meant, and to practise it, if he found it good.

Examples of Girl-to

Example #1
When I start a row my friend will try to slip out with her.
Example #2
I'm going to rush that damned bandit Rojas.
Example #3
So when his broken arm and other grievances got beyond his power of endurance, he used to call out instead, while his tender-hearted little brother did the crying for him, stuffing his bright head into the pillows and sobbing as if his heart would break.
Example #4
Only two of his children were quite unhurt; these were Barbara (and she found quite enough occupation in waiting on her twin sister) and little Hugh, who sometimes wandered about after his father almost as disconsolate as himself, and sometimes helped to amuse Bertram, showing him pictures, while Miss Christie told him tales.
Example #5
It was at this time about eight o'clock: tea had just been over, the tray removed, and the table put to rights.
Example #6
Neck, bosom, waist, ankles, feet, hands, &c.