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Definition of Give

  • To bestow without receiving a return; to confer without compensation; to impart, as a possession; to grant, as authority or permission; to yield up or allow.
  • To yield possesion of; to deliver over, as property, in exchange for something; to pay; as, we give the value of what we buy.
  • To yield; to furnish; to produce; to emit; as, flint and steel give sparks.
  • To communicate or announce, as advice, tidings, etc.; to pronounce; to render or utter, as an opinion, a judgment, a sentence, a shout, etc.
  • To grant power or license to; to permit; to allow; to license; to commission.
  • To exhibit as a product or result; to produce; to show; as, the number of men, divided by the number of ships, gives four hundred to each ship.
  • To devote; to apply; used reflexively, to devote or apply one's self; as, the soldiers give themselves to plunder; also in this sense used very frequently in the past participle; as, the people are given to luxury and pleasure; the youth is given to study.
  • To set forth as a known quantity or a known relation, or as a premise from which to reason; -- used principally in the passive form given.
  • To allow or admit by way of supposition.
  • To attribute; to assign; to adjudge.
  • To excite or cause to exist, as a sensation; as, to give offense; to give pleasure or pain.
  • To pledge; as, to give one's word.
  • To cause; to make; -- with the infinitive; as, to give one to understand, to know, etc.
  • To afford a view of; as, his window gave the park.
  • To give a gift or gifts.
  • To yield to force or pressure; to relax; to become less rigid; as, the earth gives under the feet.
  • To move; to recede.
  • To open; to lead.
  • the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
  • proffer (a body part)
  • consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man
  • occur
  • estimate the duration or outcome of something
  • dedicate
  • inflict as a punishment
  • allow to have or take
  • guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion
  • submit for consideration, judgment, or use
  • give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  • offer in good faith
  • manifest or show
  • convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture
  • convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow
  • bestow
  • accord by verdict
  • propose
  • give food to
  • be flexible under stress of physical force
  • give or supply
  • cause to happen or be responsible for
  • bring about
  • perform for an audience
  • present to view
  • organize or be responsible for
  • move in order to make room for someone for something
  • break down, literally or metaphorically
  • transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody
  • leave with; give temporarily
  • give as a present; make a gift of
  • place into the hands or custody of
  • convey or reveal information
  • transmit (knowledge or skills)
  • contribute to some cause
  • give or convey physically
  • give (as medicine)
  • cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense
  • bestow, especially officially
  • be the cause or source of
  • endure the loss of
  • afford access to
  • deliver in exchange or recompense
  • emit or utter
  • execute and deliver

How to use give in a sentence. Give pronunciation.

Nay, I will give you a taste of it now," he added, as he brought forth the writing.
I think it true, and sadly true, that a man with a vice which he is able to satisfy easily and habitually, even as another satisfies a virtue, may give up the wider actions of the world and the possibilities of his life for the pleasure which his one vice gives him, and neither miss nor desire those greater chances of virtue or ambition which he has lost.
A group of people were moving towards the exit from the ramparts, and near himself stood a man waving an adieu. "Well, give my love to the girls," said the man cheerily.
Well, give my love to the girls.
Yet I would buy thee to remain here-here at my court; here by my hand which will give thee the labour thou lovest, and will defend thee if defence be needed.
He knew his brother's abilities; he knew his insinuating address-had he not influenced their father to give him wealth while he was yet alive?
He would give much to hear the conversation between Kaid and the stranger; he was all too conscious of its purport.
He knew into what subterranean ways he must walk, through what mazes of treachery and falsehood he must find his way; and though he did not know to the full the corruption which it was his duty to Kaid to turn to incorruption, he knew enough to give his spirit pause.
He would give himself up, and the whole story would be the scandal of Europe.
And having given all save their lives, these lives they must now give under the whip and the chain and the sword.
His life was not his own to give, save by suicide; and that would be the unpardonable insult to God and humanity.
Ah, if I could give you but one life!
I may sit in the court-yard and hear the singers, may listen to the tale-tellers by the light of the moon; I may hear the tales of Al-Raschid chanted by one whose tongue never falters, and whose voice is like music; after the manner of the East I may give bread and meat to the poor at sunset; I may call the dancers to the feast.
But what comfort shall it give?
I come to ask thee to save my life, and then to give me work.
It doesn't give you the jim-jumps like Mexico.
Thou didst give her in marriage, and she came to the harem of Prince Harrik at last.
Kaid will give him his life if the Inglesi asks.
The lions were near-it would be a joy to give a Christian to the lions to celebrate the capture of Cairo and the throne.
Do the spirit voices give thee that counsel?

Examples of Give

Example #1
Here are thy words, Davy.
Example #2
He placed the papers, save that one, in my hands, and I, womanlike, asked again for all.
Example #3
I ask him how it came he lived here alone; how it came that he made chairs, he, with brains enough to build great houses or great bridges; how it was that drink and he were such friends; and how he, a Catholic, lived here among us Quakers, so singular, uncompanionable, and severe.
Example #4
I feel Soolsby here at times so sharply that it would seem he came again and was in this room, though he is dead and gone.
Example #5
Merry faces looked back and nodded, and in a moment they were gone.
Example #6
The man turned round, and looked at David, then he jerked his head in a friendly sort of way and motioned towards the sunset.