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How to use glander in a sentence. Glander pronunciation.

He could take a watch apart and put it together again; he could mend a harness if necessary; he could make a wagon; nay, he could even doctor a horse when it got spavin or glanders.
During the summer, Traveller had had a great discharge from the nose, and I was several times on the point of ordering him to be shot, under an apprehension that his disease was the glanders; but, although the colt and my own horse contracted it, I postponed my final mandate, and all recovered; however, he continued weak.
Sukhotin arrested the peasants of a whole village for refusing to cart manure from his stables because the animals there were infected with glanders.

Examples of Glander

Example #1
He was a sort of jack-of-all-trades, and a very useful man in a valley where mechanics were few and transportation difficult.
Example #2
There was scarcely anything Grim could not do.
Example #3
At this time they were unshod, and had pretty well worn their hoofs down to the quick, insomuch that any inequality in the ground made them limp, and it was distressing to ride them; but, notwithstanding, they bore up singularly against the changes and fatigues they had to go through.
Example #4
Bawley, a strong and compact little animal, with a blaze on the forehead, high spirited, with a shining coat, and having been a pet, was up to all kind of tricks, but was a general favourite, and a nice horse;-the other was Traveller, a light chesnut, what the hunter would call a washy brute, always eating and never fat;-the Colt, so called from his being young, certainly unequal to such a journey as that on which he was taken;-and Slommy, another aged horse.
Example #5
Judge Tsurikov released the peasants.
Example #6
But there was a time when his name attracted attention.