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They navigated the river from Turtle Island to Glasscock's Island (now Pearl, or Tom Sawyer's Island), and far below; they penetrated the wilderness of the Illinois shore.
Sometimes at evening they swam across to Glasscock's Island-the rendezvous of Tom Sawyer's "Black Avengers" and the hiding-place of Huck and Nigger Jim; then, when they had frolicked on the sand-bar at the head of the island for an hour or more, they would swim back in the dusk, a distance of half a mile, breasting the strong, steady Mississippi current without exhaustion or fear.
William Ely was chosen captain, with Asa Glasscock as first lieutenant.
It is related of the Sergeant that upon one occasion he actually ran the chute of Glasscock's Island, down-stream, in the night, and at a time, too, when the river was scarcely more than bank full.

Examples of Glasscock

Example #1
They could run like wild turkeys and swim like ducks; they could handle a boat as if born in one.
Example #2
They ranged from Holliday's Hill on the north to the Cave on the south, and over the fields and through all the woods about.
Example #3
They could swim all day, likely enough, those graceless young scamps.
Example #4
Where the railroad-bridge now ends on the Missouri side was their favorite swimming-hole-that and along Bear Creek, a secluded limpid water with special interests of its own.
Example #5
Samuel Clemens was then voted second lieutenant, and there were sergeants and orderlies.
Example #6
The army then elected its officers.