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Definition of Glazer

  • One who applies glazing, as in pottery manufacture, etc.; one who gives a glasslike or glossy surface to anything; a calenderer or smoother of cloth, paper, and the like.
  • A tool or machine used in glazing, polishing, smoothing, etc.; amoung cutlers and lapidaries, a wooden wheel covered with emery, or having a band of lead and tin alloy, for polishing cutlery, etc.
  • someone who cuts flat glass to size

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By Dr. Eduard Glazer, University of Munich, Germany. IX.
It was in this room and at the apothecary Glazer's that Sainte-Croix made his experiments; but in accordance with poetical justice, the manipulation of the poisons proved fatal to the workers themselves.
He had a furnace brought round to his house from Glazer's, and ill as he was, went on with the experiments.
Asked if she knew an apothecary called Glazer, she replied that she had consulted him three times about inflammation.
Laurent Perrette, living with Glazer, said that he had often seen a lady call on his mistress with Sainte-Croix; that the footman told him she was the Marquise de Brinvilliers; that he would wager his head on it that they came to Glazer's to make poison; that when they came they used to leave their carriage at the Foire Saint-Germain. Marie de Villeray, maid to the marquise, deposed that after the death of M. d'Aubray the councillor, Lachaussee came to see the lady and spoke with her in private; that Briancourt said she had caused the death of a worthy men; that Briancourt every day took some electuary for fear of being poisoned, and it was no doubt due to this precaution that he was still alive; but he feared he would be stabbed, because she had told him the secret about the poisoning; that d'Aubray's daughter had to be warned; and that there was a similar design against the tutor of M. de Brinvillier's children.

Examples of Glazer

Example #1
Discoveries in, and History and Religion until Mohammed.
Example #2
By Professor D. B. MacDonald, Hartford Theological Seminary.
Example #3
The apothecary fell ill and died; Martin was attacked by fearful sickness, which brought, him to death's door.
Example #4
The house meant by Sainte-Croix was in the rue des Bernardins, and the place near at hand where he was to wait for Belleguise was the room he leased from the widow Brunet, in the blind alley out of the Place Maubert.
Example #5
Sainte-Croix was then seeking to make a poison so subtle that the very effluvia might be fatal.
Example #6
Sainte-Croix was unwell, and could not even go out, though he did not know what was the matter.