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There is not a drop of the blood of Glencoe on the noble hand of Barcaldine; with the unhappy house of Glenlyon the curse remains, and on them God hath avenged it.
Campbell of Glenlyon, a captain in Argyll's regiment, and two subalterns, were ordered to repair to Glencoe on the first of February with a hundred and twenty men.
If he did what they desired, and forgot his master and his trust, he could not return to his native country, for Glenlyon would be no home or country for him, as he would be despised and hunted out of the glen.
This trusty servant's name was John Macnaughton, from Glenlyon, in Perthshire.

Examples of Glenlyon

Example #1
Yesterday was yesterday," answered Hamish, "and to-day is to-day.
Example #2
When the clans are crushed and confounded together, it is well and wise that their hatreds and their feuds should not survive their independence and their power.
Example #3
Campbell being uncle to young Macdonald's wife, was received by the father with all manner of friendship and hospitality.
Example #4
The men were lodged at free quarters in the houses of his tenants, and received the kindest entertainment.
Example #5
Accordingly he kept steady to his trust, and was executed.
Example #6
He asked if they were serious in supposing him such a villain.