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She hung over the edge of the chasm like a sleepwalker, or a possessed creature pursued by demons, and at the same time her eyes glistened with such wild madness, and she drew her breath with such feverish rapidity that Paulus, who had come close up to her, involuntarily drew back.
Of the man's sincerity there could be no question; it beamed from his shining forehead, his pointed nose; glistened in his prominent eyes.
Lucy's eyes glistened, but she had not time to say much, for the children were comparing what they had each gathered, and Amy's basket had to be held up amongst the rest.
The merchant's dark eyes glistened.
The jeweller's eyes glistened with admiration not quite untinged with envy.
A minute later a faint spark lit up what appeared to be a scale hanging from its chains and being lowered down from the schooner's side into the water; but as it touched the surface it grew and grew, and went gliding down the stream, developing as it went into a tin dish containing some combustible which grew brighter and brighter as it went on, till it flashed out into a dazzling blue light which lit up the sides of the cliffs and glistened like moonlight in the water, till at about a hundred yards from the schooner's stern it threw up into clear relief the shapes of three boats crowded with men, the spray thrown up by their oars glittering in the blue flare, and then ceasing.
Where the gold had been stacked high in the sunshine the marble glistened whitely, with not so much as a five-dollar piece to give it a touch of color.
His right hand slipped from its mitten, and a revolver, at level, glistened in the pale light of the stars.
Sipsu shook her head in dissent; but her eyes glistened with gladness, and she was proud that this man had shown toward her such favor.
Above Venters loomed a wonderful arch of stone bridging the canyon rims, and through the enormous round portal gleamed and glistened a beautiful valley shining under sunset gold reflected by surrounding cliffs.
The rain-washed walls glistened in the morning light.
Certain it was that when he raised his head tears glistened in his eyes.
The sun shone; the walls gleamed; the sage glistened.
Something glistened in his hands-a rifle, though she could not see it plainly.
The asphalt pavements glistened and twinkled as far as the eye's range could reach.
The heavy braid of her hair, partly undone, glistened like red gold in the lamplight.
Slowly he made his way down the slope in the direction of Strang's castle, the tower of which, surmounted by its great beacon, glistened in the morning sun.
He was drinking at the source of the spring, and the moonlight glistened on his pronged antlers and on the bubbling water.
The lazy sea-weed glistened in the sun: The lazy sea-fowl dried their steaming wings; The lazy swell crept whispering up the ledge, And sank again.
Her eyes glistened strangely in the evening light with that peculiar fiery glow which had made Dr. Dean once describe them as being like the eyes of a vampire-bat, and there was something curiously impressive in her gesture as she once more pointed to the towering structure which loomed against the heavens, with one star flashing immediately above it.

Examples of Glistened

Example #1
He saw that her lips moved, and though he could not understand what she said, he felt that her voiceless utterance was to warn him back.
Example #2
Only one foot was firm on the ground; the other-with its thin sandal all torn by the sharp stones-was stretched out over the abyss, ready for the next fatal step.
Example #3
He had a tall, lank figure, irreproachably clad in a suit of grey: frock coat, and waistcoat revealing an expanse of white shirt.
Example #4
He laughed; a high, chuckling, crowing laugh; the laugh of triumphant optimism.
Example #5
But then the words breathed into her heart, "By love serve one another," and she resolved to seize the opportunity; and without another word, she poured out a third of her own little store, and nearly filled Lucy's basket.
Example #6
Amy felt sorry for her; she thought she would give her some from her own basket, but she did so wish to take it home full, and she did not like Kitty to have more than herself.