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But what is specially important is that, according to the Jehovistic history, the praxis of sacrifice, and that too of the regular and God-pleasing sort, extends far beyond the Mosaic legislation, and, strictly speaking, is as old as the world itself.
In order to accustom Ishmael to God-pleasing deeds, he had him dress the calves,[141] and he bade Sarah bake the bread.
Correct theology and glowing emotions lack their consummation if they do not impel to holy and God-pleasing living.

Examples of God-pleasing

Example #1
The narrative has much more to say about sacrifice than the incorporated law books, and this may be regarded as characteristic; in the Priestly Code it is quite the other way.
Example #2
What the Book of the Covenant and the Decalogue leave still perhaps doubtful becomes abundantly clear from the Jehovistic narrative.
Example #3
But as he knew that women are apt to treat guests niggardly, he was explicit in his request to her.
Example #4
Abraham himself ran unto the herd, to fetch cattle for meat.
Example #5
Then their pressure would be modified, and their blessing would be secured when their purpose was served.
Example #6
So all our changes, instead of being whimpered over, and all our sorrows, instead of being taken reluctantly, should be recognised as being what they are, loving summonses to effort.