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These gentlemen also were asked to dinner, and the Comte de Gondreville, Francois Keller's father-in-law, the Chevalier d'Espard, des Lupeaulx, Doctor Bianchon-Desplein's best beloved pupil -Beaudenord and his wife, the Comte and Comtesse de Montcornet, Blondet, Mademoiselle des Touches and Conti, and finally, Lucien de Rubempre, for whom Rastignac had for the last five years manifested the warmest regard-by order, as the advertisements have it.
Very well, just say to Malin, Comte de Gondreville, that it is to oblige one of the men who relieved him of MM.
Were we wise in enlisting Gondreville's support?

Examples of Gondreville

Example #1
Keller, Rastignac, de Marsay, du Tillet, all their friends had made the Baroness understand that a man like Nucingen could not be allowed to die without any notice being taken of it; his enormous business transactions demanded some care; it was absolutely necessary to know where he stood.
Example #2
So the Baroness invited the famous Desplein to dinner, to consult him in spite of the sick man, for Nucingen persisted in asserting that he was perfectly well.
Example #3
The Chief of the General Police must have had notice of the matter yesterday.
Example #4
The waiting-maid is great friends with a tall chasseur named Paccard, living in the Rue de Provence, over a carriage-builder's; he goes out as heyduque to persons who give themselves princely airs.
Example #5
As he talked to his friend Corentin, he mingled his lamentations with tears wrung from him by the thought of the melancholy prospects he must bequeath to his daughter, his idol, his treasure, his peace-offering to God.
Example #6
By the evening of the day when this catastrophe had upset the old man's hopes he had aged by ten years.