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How to use goosequill in a sentence. Goosequill pronunciation.

These are now the fashion, and so berattle the common stages (so they call them) that many wearing rapiers are afraid of goosequills and dare scarce come thither.
And it wasn't that ridiculous goosequill in her hair which made her cry either, though I am sure it must have hurt.
Up very near the back seat sits Mary Lyman, or Polly, as almost everybody calls her, with a blue woolen cape over her shoulders, called a vandyke, and her hair pulled and tied, and doubled and twisted, and then a goosequill shot through it like a skewer.
A dozen of the large boys and girls march forth, their shoes all squeaking as if some of the goosequills had got into the soles.

Examples of Goosequill

Example #1
Nay, their endeavour keeps in the wonted pace; but there is, sir, an eyrie of children, little eyases, that cry out on the top of question and are most tyrannically clapp'd fort.
Example #2
Will they pursue the quality no longer than they can sing?
Example #3
No; it was the thought of the master, that dreadful man with the ferule and the birch sticks.
Example #4
It was very cold, but she didn't mind that much, for she had a yellow blanket round her head and shoulders, and over those boots of Moses's were drawn a pair of big gray stockings, which turned up and flopped at the toes.
Example #5
Behind her, in the very back seat of all, sits Dorcas, the prettiest girl in town, with a pale, sweet face, and a wide double frill in the neck of her dress.
Example #6
There is a great noise in the room of shuffling feet and buzzing lips, but he pretends not to hear it.