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How to use goosey in a sentence. Goosey pronunciation.

No, goosey; of course I didn't.
I don't mind being a goose so much if somebody else is goosey, too.
Aunt Goosey looks at the next oldest goosey, and ducks her head, as if she was a goin' through a gate, and then they all come to their feet, and the goslins come to their feet, and they all toddle off to the drawin' room together.
Then he looked up to see who had rescued him, and it was old Grandfather Goosey Gander, the father of all the geese.
The old gentleman duck who kept it, and who was a forty 'leventh cousin to Grandfather Goosey Gander, wrapped the cornmeal in two separate bags, so that Curly could carry one, and Flop the other. "That will make it even," said the store duck, as he gave the piggie boys each a sweet cracker.
And Grandpa Goosey Gander loaned Mr. Twistytail a loaf of bread for supper.
Uncle Wiggily and Grandpa Goosey Gander and all the animal children, and the Sadie lady and Uncle Wiggily told ghost stories, and all sorts of other tales.
The field belonged to Grandfather Goosey Gander, and Flop knew the old gentleman goose would not mind if the boy animals took a few potatoes.
And Grandfather Goosey said: "It is better for tame ducks to stay on the water, or on land.

Examples of Goosey

Example #1
Dorothy pinched her arm to hush her, and nodded significantly at Uncle Jerry, who was just ahead of them with Betty and Ruth.
Example #2
Charlotte looked surprised and then scornful.
Example #3
It will restore my self-respect, for I was shedding tears freely before Ruby came along.
Example #4
If you've been crying DO own up.
Example #5
It's time for ladies to cut stick.
Example #6
Talk has a pair of stays here, and is laced up tight and stiff.