Gougin in a sentence

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How to use gougin in a sentence. Gougin pronunciation.

Mike was so engorsed in the pursuit of his profession that he was astraddle of his patient's wishbone, gougin' away like a quartz miner.
And ez Ferrers knows this, he oughter been content with gougin' me in that horse-hair spec, without goin' for Rosey.

Examples of Gougin

Example #1
Here, wait a minute," said I, and I loosened him from the man's chest.
Example #2
I s'pose Mike would have got that tooth somehow-he's a perseverin' party-only that I happened to notice something queer and called him off.
Example #3
We ain't goin' to slosh round and slop over in po'try and sentiment," continued Nott, with a tremulous voice, and a hand that slightly shook on Renshaw's shoulder.
Example #4
But the expression of relief which here passed swiftly over his face gave way to one of uneasy interest as Nott went on.