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How to use gourville in a sentence. Gourville pronunciation.

Amongst others he had for domestics the Lords of Fou, of Gourville, of Griniot, and of Marigny.
An agent of the French king’s, Gourville, a convert himself, strove to bring her and her husband to a sense of the truth; and tells us that he one day asked madame the Duchess of Hanover, of what religion her daughter was, then a pretty girl of thirteen years old.

Examples of Gourville

Example #1
After supper were brought in upon the place the fair wooden gospels and the books of the four kings, that is to say, many pairs of tables and cards-or the fair flush, one, two, three-or at all, to make short work; or else they went to see the wenches thereabouts, with little small banquets, intermixed with collations and rear-suppers.
Example #2
And supped very well, upon my conscience, and commonly did invite some of his neighbours that were good drinkers, with whom carousing and drinking merrily, they told stories of all sorts from the old to the new.
Example #3
He has sent three letters to London,” she said, another day.
Example #4
The other daughters of lovely, unhappy Elizabeth Stuart went off into the Catholic Church; this one, luckily for her family, remained, I cannot say faithful to the Reformed Religion, but at least she adopted no other.