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IX THE HEROINE HIRES A GROOM Remarkable as it may read, his first impression was of her gown-a gown such as women wear on those afternoons when they are free of social obligations, a gown to walk in or to lounge in.
She had caught sight of her new Sunday gown-a cheap curtain-calico thing, a conflagration of gaudy colors and fantastic figures.
There was Betterton, in wig and gown,-as Cato, moralizing on the soul's eternity, and halting between Plato and the dagger.

Examples of Gown-a

Example #1
The skirt, which barely reached to the top of her low shoes, was of some blue stuff (stuff, because to a man's mind the word covers feminine dress- goods generally, liberally, and handily), overshot with gray.
Example #2
There was something disquieting in those magnetic sapphire eyes looking so serenely into his.
Example #3
She surveyed it wistfully, longingly.
Example #4
She stared toward the door, crooning to the child and hushing it; midway she stopped, suddenly.
Example #5
RANDAL.-"My dear Mr. Egerton, it is only to-day that I was informed of Frank's engagement.
Example #6
There was Woodward as "The Fine Gentleman," with the inimitable rake-hell in which the heroes of Wycherly and Congreve and Farquhar live again.