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How to use grace in a sentence. Grace pronunciation.

Larina appears to us An ancient lady full of grace.- That bilberry wine, I'm sore afraid, The deuce with my inside has played.
Anselmo_ Years did I vainly seek the good Lord's grace-, Prayed, fasted, and did penance dire and dread; Did kneel, with bleeding knees and rainy face, And mouth the dust, with ashes on my head; Yea, still with knotted scourge the flesh I flayed, Rent fresh the wounds, and moaned and shrieked insanely; And froth oozed with the pleadings that I made, And yet I prayed on vainly, vainly, vainly!
I admire that in you-and so does Grace-" "Would Grace like us to marry?
From that same love this vindicating grace- To live on still in love, and yet in vain; To bless thee, yet renounce thee to thy face.

Examples of Grace

Example #1
That bilberry wine, I'm sore afraid, The deuce with my inside has played.
Example #2
The drive becomes monotonous- Well!
Example #3
And I did pray God's grace might rest on him-.
Example #4
By the splendor in the heavens, and the hush upon the sea, And the majesty of silence reigning over Galilee-, We feel Thy kingly presence, and we humbly bow the knee And lift our hearts and voices in gratefulness to Thee.
Example #5
I know you're not," Paul answered eagerly.
Example #6
Companionship can make great changes.