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How to use grace-we in a sentence. Grace-we pronunciation.

We will vouchsafe him grace for his grace-we will not take him by surprise, nor under cloud of the night.
But, still further, let me remind you that, in the revelation of a God who is gracious, giving to our emptiness and forgiving our sins-that is to say, in the revelation of grace-we have a far deeper, nobler, more blessed conception of the divine nature than in law.

Examples of Grace-we

Example #1
With the gleam of our spears and the clash of our shields, we will come from the hill: and, famine-worn as he deems us, hold a feast in his walls which the eagles of Snowdon spread their pinions to share!
Example #2
Go back, whispering warrior; go back, false son of Cymry-and tell Harold to look well to his walls and his trenches.
Example #3
Because the departure had for its purpose the preparing of the place, therefore it is necessarily followed by a return.
Example #4
It is great to think of a righteous God, it is great and ennobling to think of One whose pure eyes cannot look upon sin, and who wills that men should live pure and noble and Godlike lives.