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In de goede reine liefde onderscheidt hij weer vier graden, zooals de mystieken die in de goddelijke liefde aannamen.
With one man only was I on private terms; this was R. Northmour, Esquire, of Graden Easter, in Scotland.
When Northmour took his degree and I decided to leave the university without one, he invited me on a long visit to Graden Easter; and it was thus that I first became acquainted with the scene of my adventures.
The mansion-house of Graden stood in a bleak stretch of country some three miles from the shore of the German Ocean.
I determined to pass a week in the Sea-Wood of Graden Easter, and making a long stage, reached it about sundown on a wild September day.
The Sea-Wood of Graden had been planted to shelter the cultivated fields behind, and check the encroachments of the blowing sand.
When the hill was open of the islet to the north, vessels must bear well to the eastward to clear Graden Ness and the Graden Bullers.
Thus in Graden Sea-Wood, although I fell thankfully asleep by eight in the evening I was awake again before eleven with a full possession of my faculties, and no sense of drowsiness or fatigue.
But what should bring thieves to Graden Easter?
I became more convinced that she carried Northmour and his friends, and that they would probably come ashore after dark; not only because that was of a piece with the secrecy of the preparations, but because the tide would not have flowed sufficiently before eleven to cover Graden Floe and the other sea quags that fortified the shore against invaders.
On the way, the old nurse passed again within several yards of me, still carrying her lantern, on the return journey to the mansion-house of Graden.
I had stayed at Graden out of a curiosity natural enough, but undignified; and though there was another motive growing in along with the first, it was not one which, at that period, I could have properly explained to the lady of my heart.
I see you have some reason to be secret, and, you may believe me, your secret is as safe with me as if I were in Graden Floe.
She came and called me down as on the day before, upbraided me for lingering at Graden, and, when she found I was still obdurate, began to ask me more particularly as to my arrival.
The yacht picked them up clandestinely upon the coast of Wales, and had once more deposited them at Graden, till she could be refitted and provisioned for the longer voyage.
In short, and from one thing to another, it was agreed between us, that I should set out at once for the fisher village, Graden Wester, as it was called, look up all the newspapers I could find, and see for myself if there seemed any basis of fact for these continued alarms.
I reached Graden Wester before ten in the forenoon; for in those days I was an excellent pedestrian, and the distance, as I think I have said, was little over seven miles; fine walking all the way upon the springy turf.
What work he could hope to find at Graden Wester, I was totally unable to conceive; and the incident struck so unpleasantly upon my mind, that I asked the landlord, while he was counting me some change, whether he had ever before seen an Italian in the village.
He said he had once seen some Norwegians, who had been shipwrecked on the other side of Graden Ness and rescued by the lifeboat from Cauldhaven.
The upper windows of the pavilion commanded a considerable spread of links in the direction of Graden Wester.

Examples of Graden

Example #1
De inhoud dier boeken bestaat in tal van meer of minder bekende liefdesgeschiedenissen, telkens besloten met een les of eene waarschuwing; niet zelden ook gaat een of andere algemeene zedekundige stelregel vooraf en dient het dan volgend verhaal als "exempel".
Example #2
Dat deze leerdichter slecht te spreken is over den "scalken vos Reynaert", kan ons niet verwonderen[4].
Example #3
We had met at college; and though there was not much liking between us, nor even much intimacy, we were so nearly of a humour that we could associate with ease to both.
Example #4
I made it my pride to keep aloof and suffice for my own entertainment; and I may say that I had neither friends nor acquaintances until I met that friend who became my wife and the mother of my children.
Example #5
The mansion-house of Graden stood in a bleak stretch of country some three miles from the shore of the German Ocean.
Example #6
I think we called each other friends.