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Definition of Graining

  • Indentation; roughening; milling, as on edges of coins.
  • A process in dressing leather, by which the skin is softened and the grain raised.
  • Painting or staining, in imitation of the grain of wood, stone, etc.
  • The process of separating soap from spent lye, as with salt.
  • A small European fresh-water fish (Leuciscus vulgaris); -- called also dobule, and dace.
  • a texture like that of wood

How to use graining in a sentence. Graining pronunciation.

What do you think of graining where hard wood is not used?
When it tries to improve upon nature's divine methods and calls itself "graining," it becomes unmitigated nonsense,-yes, and worse.
Without either painting or graining you may get a most satisfactory effect, both in looks and utility, by staining the less costly kinds of woods; using a transparent stain that will not conceal but strengthen the natural shading, and at the same time change its tint according to your fancy.
The cost is less than common painting, and the effect as much better than graining as nature's work is more perfect than ours.
It is certain that Blondeau did not invent, but only improved the method of coining by the screw-press, and I believe his improvements related chiefly to a method for 'rounding the pieces before they are sized, and in making the edges of the moneys with letters and graining,' which he undertook to reveal to the king.

Examples of Graining

Example #1
Shall probably carpet throughout, and hope you will not change dimensions of rooms to spoil the fit of them.
Example #2
Please give me your opinion on that point.
Example #3
It is one of the sure evidences of man's innate perversity that he persists in trying to copy certain beautiful lines and shadings in wood, not as an art study, but for actual use, when he may just as well have the perfect original as his own faulty imitation.
Example #4
Yes; good honest paint is worthy the utmost respect.
Example #5
This is an honest and economical expedient.
Example #6
One other suggestion in this connection.