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Rain was always expected and prayed for in the midsummer months, and when it came the grama-grass sprang up, making the valleys green from mountain to mountain.
At a little distance the grama-grass appeared thick, but near at hand it was seen to be sparse.
At length a mile of clean, brown slope, ridged and grooved like a washboard, led gently down to meet the floor of the valley, where the scant grama-grass struggled to give a tinge of gray.

Examples of Grama-grass

Example #1
The intersecting valleys, ranging between the long slope of foothills, afforded the best pasture for cattle, and these were jealously sought by the Mexicans who had only small herds to look after.
Example #2
Some summers it rained, and occasionally there would be a dry year, the dreaded ano seco of the Mexicans.
Example #3
Bunches of greasewood and cactus plants were interspersed here and there in the grass.
Example #4
The soil was sandy and porous, and she understood why the rain and water from the few springs disappeared so quickly.
Example #5
The road appeared to become more clearly defined, and could be seen striking straight across the valley.
Example #6
He kept on and on, threading tortuous passages through rock-strewn patches, keeping to the old road where it was clear, abandoning it for open spaces, and always going down.