Granmammy in a sentence

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How to use granmammy in a sentence. Granmammy pronunciation.

Dat you mammy?' she ask, sweet as pie, when granmammy pound on de door.
Hit wa'nt no church weddin'; we got married in gran'mammy's kitchen, den we go to our own log house.
Well, gran'mammy, here come yo' li'l ducky home again.
So granmammy took me to raise.

Examples of Granmammy

Example #1
All de other younguns was bright.
Example #2
I ain never seen my mammy sincet, an I ain never wanted to.
Example #3
By an' by mah mahster sol' me an' mah baby to de man what had de plantation nex' to ours.
Example #4
His name was John Lee.
Example #5
I named my own se'f dat.
Example #6
Dat be jes' a devil-ment o' mine.