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How to use grass in a sentence. Grass pronunciation.

The larger one began chanting: "Mary had a little lamb," and the other added quickly: "His fleece was green as grass-" The children stopped and looked around again.
It is, I hope, no breach of my resolution not to be tempted into elaborate descriptions, to remember the Campo Santo; where grass- grown graves are dug in earth brought more than six hundred years ago, from the Holy Land; and where there are, surrounding them, such cloisters, with such playing lights and shadows falling through their delicate tracery on the stone pavement, as surely the dullest memory could never forget.
But from that day his rude health and great strength seemed visibly to decline; and when the rainy season fairly set in, and the tiny grass- blades were beginning to peep from the rocky mound above Tennessee's grave, he took to his bed.
They had already become nameless masses of grass- grown ruins; and it is only within the last few years that the intellectual energy of one of our own countrymen has rescued Nineveh from its long centuries of oblivion.
What say you to a breach of the sea-wall, and an inundation of the aromatic grass- flat extending from the house on the beach to the tottering terraces, villas, cottages: and public-house transformed by its ensign to Hotel, along the frontage of the town?
I must own that we found it far prettier than anything we had known in Southern Ohio, which we were so fond of and so loath to leave, and as I look back it still seems to me one of the prettiest little places I have ever known, with its white wooden houses, glimmering in the dark of its elms and maples, and their silent gardens beside each, and the silent, grass- bordered, sandy streets between them.
SILENT NOON Your hands lie open in the long fresh grass,- The finger-points look through the rosy blooms: Your eyes smile peace.
And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies' skirts across the grass- O wind, a-blowing all day long!
We were enchanted with the fields, the tufts of coarse grass in the shorter grass- we loved all this.
The dance, more gay than laughter, of the wind-swept grass- Oh, onward!

Examples of Grass

Example #1
This time Gertie spied a small green body hovering close to Jane's white shoes.
Example #2
The boys were shaking with laughter and were now half-way across the street.
Example #3
On the walls of this solemn and lovely place, are ancient frescoes, very much obliterated and decayed, but very curious.
Example #4
There is a picture of St. Agnes, by Andrea del Sarto, in the former, and there are a variety of rich columns in the latter, that tempt me strongly.
Example #5
One night, when the pines beside the cabin were swaying in the storm and trailing their slender fingers over the roof, and the roar and rush of the swollen river were heard below, Tennessee's Partner lifted his head from the pillow, saying, "It is time to go for Tennessee; I must put Jinny in the cart;" and would have risen from his bed but for the restraint of his attendant.
Example #6
Sandy Bar made a point of calling on him, and proffering various uncouth but well-meant kindnesses.