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How to use grass-a in a sentence. Grass-a pronunciation.

He stood appalled, looking into the green wood, aware of the mysterious life in the branches; and then lay down to watch the insect life among the grass-a beetle pursuing its little or great destiny.
He threw himself from his horse, and kneeling in the withered grass-a mere atom in the boundless plain-lifted his pale face against the irresponsive blue and prayed.
Some way up the gorge, where, at the foot of a smaller waterfall, the river divided and swirled about an island covered with sweet grass-a miniature meadow-her mare grazed at will.
On the 27th we sighted a hill dead ahead, which I named Mount Luck, and on the southern side a nice little plain of saltbush and grass-a pleasant and welcome change.
When I saw the sparkling dew on the grass-a rainbow broken into drops-it called up the same thought-prayer.
Evidently there were mice in it; and, feeling my character as fox at stake, I at once trotted forward, then crept up, and, as the rustling and squeaking continued, made a pounce into the grass-as I had heard it said that foxes did when mousing.

Examples of Grass-a

Example #1
But he was too exalted to remain lying down; the wood seemed to beckon him, and he asked if the madness of the woods had overtaken him.
Example #2
Christy was already some distance away; there was nobody else in sight; and feeling he was safe from interruption, he went towards the wood, thinking of the good priest who had saved her (in saving her Father O'Grady had saved him), and of the waste of despair into which he would have drifted certainly if the news had been that she had killed herself.
Example #3
He prayed that the unselfish dream of his bitter boyhood, his disappointed youth, might come to pass.
Example #4
The air was harsh but pure; the grim economy of form and shade and color in the level plain was coarse but not vulgar; the sky above him was cold and distant but not repellent; the moisture that had been denied his eyes at the prayer-meeting overflowed them here; the words that had choked his utterance an hour ago now rose to his lips.
Example #5
About a fortnight ago, having set aside three days for the search, on the second Ruth had found a circuitous way through the woods.
Example #6
A part of it she had cleared with a billhook, and since then Madcap had trodden a rough pathway with her frequent goings and comings.