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Definition of Grass-grown

  • Overgrown with grass; as, a grass-grown road.

How to use grass-grown in a sentence. Grass-grown pronunciation.

There were some rough chimney-pieces high up in the grass-grown walls, but beyond these really nothing to be seen, and he wandered out seeking traces of terraces along the hillside.
An old grass-grown trail followed the course of a shallow wash where flowed a thin stream of water.
I loitered to and fro, under a colonnade, forming two sides of a weedy, grass-grown court-yard, whereof the house formed a third side, and a low terrace-walk, overlooking the garden and the neighbouring hills, the fourth.
A deserted, solitary, grass-grown place, with ruined ramparts; half filled-up trenches, which afford a frowsy pasturage to the lean kine that wander about them; and streets of stern houses, moodily frowning at the other houses over the way.
In their stead arose, immediately, the two towers of Bologna; and the most obstinate of all these objects, failed to hold its ground, a minute, before the monstrous moated castle of Ferrara, which, like an illustration to a wild romance, came back again in the red sunrise, lording it over the solitary, grass-grown, withered town.
Tombs and temples, overthrown and prostrate; small fragments of columns, friezes, pediments; great blocks of granite and marble; mouldering arches, grass-grown and decayed; ruin enough to build a spacious city from; lay strewn about us.
The ghostly pillars in the Forum; the Triumphal Arches of Old Emperors; those enormous masses of ruins which were once their palaces; the grass-grown mounds that mark the graves of ruined temples; the stones of the Via Sacra, smooth with the tread of feet in ancient Rome; even these were dimmed, in their transcendent melancholy, by the dark ghost of its bloody holidays, erect and grim; haunting the old scene; despoiled by pillaging Popes and fighting Princes, but not laid; wringing wild hands of weed, and grass, and bramble; and lamenting to the night in every gap and broken arch-the shadow of its awful self, immovable!
Above all, I saw the rare old Gothic Cathedral, with its wondrous wealth of antique sculpture; its iron spire, destined, despite its traceried beauty, to everlasting incompleteness; its grass-grown buttresses, and crumbling pinnacles, and portals crowded with images of saints and kings.
A sort of grim horror began to stir at his soul as he gazed on the grass-grown mounds-proofs that the old councilor would inherit a place in the Mormon Heaven having obeyed the injunctions of his prophet on earth.
Thus mirthfully he swung down the rough grass-grown road, past the railway, till he came to a point where heath began to merge in pasture, and dry-stone walls split the moor into fields.
She turned Pard into the shed where she invariably left him when she came to the Lazy A, and went on up the grass-grown path to the house.
Though now quite deserted and grass-grown, at the beginning of the century it was well kept and frequented by traffic.
He reached his little grass-grown terrace, and found it as sunny and as private as before.
Where but in a grass-grown corner of an old Italian town?
There instantly rose before his mind the vision of that moment when he had stood face to face with this same apologetic mamma, after Angela had turned her back, on the grass-grown terrace at Siena.
There was a grass-grown track descending the forest aisle, between hoar and knotty shafts and under branched arches.
Cromwell had liv'd contented and unknown To teach his children loyalty and faith Sacred and simple, as the grass-grown mound, That should have press'd more lightly on his bones, Than ever greatness on his wearied spirit!
The road into which they turned was little more than a track, with a high, grass-grown ridge in the centre.
I noticed below the well a large mound, grass-grown, with an apple-tree growing on its very top.
Streets and squares a' grass-grown, sae that they micht be mawn!

Examples of Grass-grown

Example #1
On meeting a countryman out with his dogs he tried to inquire about the state of the road.
Example #2
No sooner did he speak these words than they began to cheer him, and in spite of all the priest could say they carried him into the field in which he shot Browne of the Neale. 'A queer people, the queerest in the world,' Father Oliver thought, as he pulled a thorn-bush out of the doorway and stood looking round.
Example #3
The canyon was a hundred rods wide, its yellow walls were perpendicular; it had abundant sage and a scant growth of oak and pinon.
Example #4
Venters saddled and led him out of the oak thicket, and, leaping astride, rode up the canyon, with Ring and Whitie trotting behind.
Example #5
I don't believe there was an uncracked stone in the whole pavement.
Example #6
I walked into its dismantled precincts the other evening about sunset, and couldn't help pacing up and down for a little time, drowsily taking in the aspect of the place: which is repeated hereabouts in all directions.