Grazin in a sentence

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How to use grazin in a sentence. Grazin pronunciation.

We picked a good campin' spot-a little "flat" in a bend of the river where the grazin' was good-and we turned the ponies out.
Ain't no grazin' or wood wuth burnin' or nuthin'.
I'd fence twenty thousand acres of the best grazin'.
Half the time when Beldin's stock is out of the alfalfa it's grazin' over the line.
The horse was grazin on the other side of the road.
But I trembled worse than a peanut woman with a hackman goin' round the corner to ketch a train an' his hubs just grazin' the legs of her stand.

Examples of Grazin

Example #1
The next day we traded out of the tooth business and rode south down the old Navajo trail.
Example #2
We didn't have to wait long.
Example #3
Them boys jest held up, throwed the packs, an' waited fer us.
Example #4
This ain't no place to noon.
Example #5
I'd drill fer water in the valley.
Example #6
I'd buy all the good horses on the ranges.